Hawkeye Laser 531

Profiler Surveys (Hawkeye)

Pavement monitoring equipment

Sweco offers you monitoring and acquisition of landside and airside pavement data with advanced equipment - Hawkeye 2000

Hawkeye 2000 is a laser profiler and in addition to the laser equipment, the system comprises a camera system allowing collection of all requested pavement data and asset data faster and safer because you only have to drive through the road once.

Quality, time and safety
The Hawkeye 2000 system in combination with RoSy RAMS (Road Asset Management System) or with RoSy APMS (Airport Pavement Management System) creates a database with all the necessary data for calculation of optimum maintenance strategies for your roads or airfield pavements or optimum maintenance strategies based on the budgets at your disposal. This will ensure you the best possible platform for making the right decisions well in advance as to which roads or airfield pavements to give priority and for obtaining most benefit.

Add data from other measurements such as bearing capacity measurement data to your database and this data can be included in the calculations as well.

The combination of a professional way of collecting large amounts of data and an excellent database provides you with the best possible conditions for good performance.

You can measure:

  • Roughness on road and airfield pavements by means of longitudinal profile measurements
  • Rut depths on worn roads (heavy trucks) by means of transverse profile measurements
  • Texture effecting road friction – which should have our attention
  • Cross slopes allowing you to monitor drainage, determine gradients and advisory speed limits


  • Images of high quality allowing you to zoom
  • Maps can show you the collected data
  • Road Asset Management – a tool for collection of asset data
  • Data acquisition for RoSy RAMS and RoSy APMS for calculation of optimum maintenance


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