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Ground Penetration Surveys (GPR)

​GPR – Ground Penetration Radar – a method for investigation of pavement structures by means of radar. A combination of advanced software, specific knowledge and experience in data interpretation allows definition of pavement layer thicknesses in a road structure.

Advantages using GPR measurements
An accurate overview of the pavement layer thicknesses is obtained. The method is non-destructive meaning that core taking is not necessary and damaging of the pavement is avoided.

Compared to the ordinary core taking method, very detailed and continuous information about the pavement structure is obtained. At the same time a very detailed picture of the pavement structure is obtained, which ensures an optimum pavement design with less risk of over- or under-designing and a better application of funds.

Furthermore, we provide supplementary analysis and specific consultancy about bearing capacity, maintenance strategy and selection of pavement type.

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Hans Christian Korsgaard
Hans Christian Korsgaard
Technical Manager
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Jens Pedersen
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Bearing Capacity Surveys (FWD)