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Pavement surveys

Part of our consultancy services is to provide valuable data to our customers, which is used by engineers working with design and maintenance of landside as well as airside pavement structures all over the world.

We offer customers:

  • Road  and airport pavement condition inspections and acquisition of pavement data
  • Bearing capacity measurements (Falling Weight Deflectometer FWD/HWD)
  • Ground Penetration Surveys (Ground Penetration Radar - GPR)
  • Noise surveys (Close-Proximity Method - CPX)
  • Monitoring and acquisition of pavement data (with Profiler Hawkeye 2000)
PRIMAX FWD Measurement  PRIMA100 LWD Measuring 
 CPX Measuring  Hawkeye Datacollection Profiler
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Bjarne Bylov Jensen
Bjarne Bylov Jensen
Head of PMC Sale & Market Department
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Jens Pedersen
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