PRIMA Calibration 531

LWD service and calibration

To ensure correct functioning of your PRIMA 100, we recommend regular service and calibration.

Service is carried out at our workshop and comprises checking of the LWD parts.

We recommend annual absolute and traceable calibration of your PRIMA 100 LWD. Your light weight deflectometer (LWD) is a very precise measuring device which requires absolute calibration frequently to ensure correct measuring results. Incorrect data may have serious consequences for the calculation of the dynamic surface E modulus (E0), and can cause wrong interpretations and solutions. To avoid this we recommend calibration of load cell and geophones every year to ensure optimum reliability.

An absolute and traceable calibration can be performed by the specialised staff at our workshop using calibration equipment controlled and calibrated by the accredited institutes DANAK FORCE Institute (load cell) and AREPA Test & Calibration (geophones). Your documentation of accurate measuring equipment is a calibration certificate which will be issued with the calibration data.

Please contact Finn Iversen to arrange for a calibration.

To have your LWD calibrated only send in housing with geophone and load cell, PDA and Blue Tooth,
communication cable, release handle and battery box        

PRIMA Calibrationparts


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Finn Iversen
Finn Iversen
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