Calibration Front 531X150

Certified LWD FWD and HWD calibration centre

Why calibration?
We recommend annual absolute and traceable calibration of your FWD. Your falling weight deflectometer is a very precise measuring device, and regular calibration of load cell and geophones is necessary to achieve correct measurements. Basically, because the load cell and geophones contain strain gauges, high precision springs and coils which have an inherent change of characteristics over time. Only regularly calibrated equipment collects correct data. Not calibrating your equipment regularly may lead you to wrong interpretations and solutions due to incorrect measurements. Incorrect data can have serious consequences for a pavement, as the calculations based on the collected data will not be reliable.

SHRP Centre and CROW standards
Our workshop is the first established SHRP calibration centre in Europe. We can also make a calibration based on CROW (Preliminary Guidelines for Falling Weight Deflectometer Calibration), a Dutch standard developed for FWDs operating with load pulse widths within the range of 20-35 ms. After the calibration a complete set of calibration documents will be issued certifying the traceability to nationally/internationally approved institutes. This calibration certificate will be your documentation towards your clients.

We offer calibration of all FWD models, on site as well
We can offer calibration of all brands and types of falling weight deflectometer, not only the PRIMAX models. To have your FWD calibrated, you can choose to send geophones and load cell as well as the analog/digital card (from the FCU box) to our workshop in Denmark. Or we can come to you and do a calibration on site. Our calibration equipment is built into a suitcase which makes it mobile. A calibration can usually be combined with service of your FWD.

Please contact René Clemen to arrange calibration.

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