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RoSy MAP – a tool for visualisation of road data on maps
RoSy MAP visualises data from all RoSy modules in a clear and well-arranged way to the benefit for e.g. decision-makers, politicians, road engineers, and citizens.

Visualise data about e.g. road status, road classes, pavement types, remaining service life, paving year, planned asphalt works. Compose thematic layers and share data with other parties.

RoSy MAP visualises data from other RoSy modules and in this way grass cutting routes, snow clearing routes, etc. can be visualised, stored in PDF-files and shared with relevant operators.

Create value:
RoSy MAP can be combined with other GIS environments allowing a road agency to support e.g. citizens service to give citizens answer instantly, because they can find data on roads and the information they are looking for in a self-service environment.
See relations between various solutions clearly and prevent duplication of work and inconsistent data.

RoSy MAP supports other formats:
RoSy MAP supports ESRI formats (shape-filer and layers).
Raster data and data from external map servers (WMS) can
be visualized in RoSy MAP as well, export map data to web
maps, MAP Info, Spatial Suite

Learn more about RoSy MAP contact us.

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