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RoSy RAMS - Road Asset Management System

Rosyplan RAMS

RoSy RAMS is a system for optimum maintenance of road lanes, cycle tracks, foot paths and belonging assets. RoSy comprises several functions and allows planning of maintenance activities as well.
The concept assists the user all the way around the practical, tactical and strategical/political levels.

Prepare action plans for economically optimum maintenance of pavements and assets will in advance. Document the development of e.g. road capital, backlog and quantity of low standard roads.

The system documents consequences of various budget scenarios allowing the user to know the consequence of a given service level and what the cost will be.

Among other things such information supports the strategic choice of asphalt agreement and what sort of agreement to enter; e.g. functional outsourcing, partnering, or frame offering.

With Rosy, assets can be registered and the capital value and depreciation value can be calculated for e.g. signs, gullies, kerbs, verges and shoulders, ditches, etc.

RoSy can work interactively with other Sweco modules allowing more departments of an organisation to use the database and to exchange data with the GIS solutions of the organization.

Sweco can assist at all levels:

  • The practical level: Data collection and validation of existing data
  • The tactical level: With RoSy RAMS means available are optimally allocated
  • The strategical level:  Optimum basis for investments and decisions ensuring the most economical and best possible maintenance of road lanes, cycle and foot paths
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