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PRIMAX 2500 HWD or PRIMAX 3500 SHWD Airports

PRIMAX 2500 HWD and PRIMAX 3500 SHWD for pavements subjected to heavy loads

3In1 FWDPRIMAX 2500 Heavy Weight Deflectometer is designed for measuring of bearing capacity on larger roads, airports, harbour and industrial floors.

PRIMAX 3500 Super Heavy Weight Deflectometer is designed for measuring of bearing capacity on airports, harbours, industrial floors – pavements subjected to very heavy loads.

PRIMAX 2500 and PRIMAX 3500 are mounted on a bogie-trailer or integrated in vans as are all FWD / HWD / SHWD equipment from Sweco. This ensures optimum stability of the equipment while measuring and safe driving in traffic with automated equipment safety monitoring and warning system.
Equipment from Sweco is top-quality, durable, strong, reliable, stable and fast working.

It complies with international standards and is ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS and AASHTO R-32 certified.

Analyse and calculate your data results with PRIMAX Design. PRIMAX Design integrated in the PRIMAX survey software allows the operator to analyse deflection and load signals at any measured point on site. Results can be presented for an entire road network, airport, per section and per measuring point with specifications of applied calculation parameters.
PRIMAX 1500 FWD TrailerPRIMAX 3500 SHWD Van Integrated

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