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  • Efficient and reliable processing
    Add more value to projects by lowering resource expenses through reduced project time and maintain high reliability and quality in the process (10-28-2014)
  • Meet Grontmij at IAT National Conference, Scotland
    The Scottish branch of IAT, Institute of Asphalt Technology will be hosting the IAT National Conference in Scotland for the first time. Meet Grontmij at the conference (05-28-2014)
  • Meet Grontmij at Intertraffic 2014
  • Grontmij Pavement Consultants join Alliance
    Four leading manufacturers of road and airport data collection equipment join forces in global partnership. (06-18-2013)
  • On-site integration of FWD unit in van
    Grontmij A/S, Pavement Consultants have recently integrated FWD units in two locally purchased vehicles on site in South Africa for VNA. (12-03-2012)
  • Hawkeye 2000 now in Europe
    World leading equipment for acquisition of road data ”Hawkeye 2000” is the name of state-of-the-art advanced equipment for monitoring and acquisition of data on your pavement. (11-25-2012)
  • Bangkok international airport
    Grontmij | Carl Bro has performed a large project for the International Airport of Bangkok. The assignment contained bearing capacity measurements and analysis of the results obtained. (07-07-2012)
  • New powerful software for primax FWDs
    In future you will need only one database when working with your PRIMAX falling weight deflectometer (FWD). (07-07-2012)
  • PRIMAX FWD approved by British Highway Agency for use on strategic road network
    In April 2010 owners of falling weight deflectometers (FWDs) were gathered at the TRL testing facilities for the annual FWD correlation trial. The machines performed measurements on various test pavement sections. (07-07-2012)
  • Grontmij designs new building for Lufthansa AG
    Grontmij has been assigned to do the structural design for a new administrative building which Lufthansa Cargo AG (LCAG) and Lufthansa Technik Training (LTT) plan to build in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). (10-17-2011)
  • VNA and their fleet of survey vehicles
    South African VNA is a professional partner for performance of road surveys. A fleet of advanced survey vehicles allows VNA to perform various road and airfield projects. (09-09-2011)
  • Ecuatest does more projects with new SHWD van
    FWDs do not exist as standard solutions. They are tailored to meet your individual needs. All can be integrated in a van for easy manoeuvring, and with just one SHWD van you can manage all your projects on roads, harbours and airports. (06-14-2011)
  • Innovative solutions for airports
    Profound experience behind our solutions Over the last 25 years Grontmij | Carl Bro has carried out projects for airport authorities throughout the world. These comprise international, national and military airports. (03-02-2010)
  • PRIMAX Super Heavy Weight Deflectometer secures safe landing for largest aircraft in the world
    Grontmij | Carl Bro has as the first manufacturer in the world developed a falling weight deflectometer capable of measuring the bearing capacity of the airport pavements to be subjected to the giant aircraft Airbus A380. (06-26-2009)
  • New Runway without holes in flight schedules
    At 06:28 the last paver left the runway. At 06:30 the morning flight from Copenhagen landed – right on schedule, on the dot. Page Content (06-25-2009)
  • BRCA conference 29 June - 2 July 2009
    Grontmij | Carl Bro A/S, Pavement Consultants, will take part in the Eight International Conference on Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways, and Airfields in Champaign, Illinois, USA (04-05-2009)
  • Meet us at Autostrada-Polska on 12-15 May 2009
    Grontmij | Carl Bro A/S, Pavement Consultants will be present at the exhibition AUTOSTRADA - POLSKA (04-05-2009)
  • Road expo in Scotland
    Meet Gromtmij | Carl Bro at Road Expo in Scotland on 5 and 6 November 2008. Visit us at stand B10. (10-30-2008)
  • RoSy NG - The next generation
    RoSy NG is the next generation of RoSy. RoSy NG is designed on a basic database design and a framework. In this wall al future modules for RoSy will automatically have the same functionalities as the other modules. (10-30-2008)
  • Statement given on 13 August
    Visit our press room to see new statment given concerning the right to the minifalling weight deflectometer PRIMA 100 (08-15-2008)
  • Billund airport project
    Meet Grontmij | Carl Bro A/S in London at the IQPC Conference Grontmij | Carl Bro A/S, Pavement Consultants will participate in the IQPC's Airport Pavement Management conference, London 25-26 September 2008. (07-16-2008)
  • Calibration and check of your PRIMA 100 LWD - advice for PRIMA users
    13-09-2006 A falling weight deflectometer is a very precise measuring device and requires absolute calibration every other year to ensure correct measuring results. (09-13-2006)
  • Comparative measuring campaign involving the PRIMA100, the FWD and several other well-known methods such as STP, DCP, vane
    Being a developer and manufacturer of meauring equipment (PRIMA100 LWD and PRI2100 FWDs) Carl Bro Pavement Consultants (CBPC) need be proactive in order to demonstrate the specific merits of the equipment and its relation to other methods. (09-13-2006)
  • ARRB group and Carl Bro pavement consultants join forces
    The management of ARRB Group Ltd. and Carl Bro Pavement Consultants are extremely pleased to announce that they have signed a “Global Strategic Partnership” agreement effective August 12, 2006. (09-06-2006)
  • New updated FWD data collection software
    Carl Bro Group gives high priority to the current software development. This holds for RoSy as well as for the software applied for our falling weight deflectometers. (04-21-2006)
  • Prima 100 and recycled and secondary aggregates
    PRIMA100 Light Weight Deflectometer is, as expected, becoming a more and more accepted independent measuring method. An ASTM standard for the application of LWD is being prepared. (04-21-2006)
  • Pulse time matters
    We have received a number of questions from customers and users of PRI2100 and PRIMA 100, who have been involved in tests where results from different kinds of equipment were compared. (04-21-2006)
  • Danish road management for South Africa
    Over the next four years, Carl Bro Group will measure the bearing capacity of the national road network in South Africa. (04-21-2006)
  • Carl Bro measures noise
    Noise is an increasing annoyance for people living near roads with high traffic density. Removal of the traffic can only be done at very high costs. (06-12-2005)
  • Major road maintenance project in Vietnam
    Carl Bro Group and their Australian sub-consultant SMEC has started up major road maintenance project in Viet Nam. The project is part of a major national programme: “Third Road Improvement Project” (06-12-2005)
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