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Sweco Pavement Consultants Organisation Chart


Our organisation is structured with a view to working across national boundaries and putting the group's collective knowledge into action for the benefit of our customers projects.

Sweco Pavement Consultants is a member of Sweco Denmark A/S and we work in an international organisation with offices in five countries:

  • Denmark: Sweco Pavement Consultants (head office in Kolding)
  • Norway: Sweco Pavement Consultants AS
  • Sweden: Sweco Pavement Consultants AB
  • Germany: GSA Gesellschaft für Strassenanalyse mbH
  • Czech Republic: PavEx Consulting s.r.o.

Managment of Pavement Consultants Denmark

  • Lars Østerbye, Department Director
  • Bjarne Bylov Jensen, Head of PMC Sale & Market
  • Antje M. Hansen, PMC Country Manager Norway
  • Jonas Persson, PMC Country Manager Sweden
  • Franz Fippinger, PMC Country Manager Germany
  • Ludek Malis, Director of Pavex Consulting
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Lars Østerbye
Lars Østerbye
Department Director
+45 8228 1484