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Mission, vision and values

​We have a vision

Core purpose – our fundamental reasons for being

We enable our clients to make informed decisions and well-considered investments as they develop our natural and built environment.

Vision Framework

Our envisioned future – what we aspire to become, to achieve and to create:

  • Recognised by our clients for market leadership and quality of delivery.
  • ‘Sustainability by design’ is our leading principle.
  • Preferred company for talented professionals and offering ample opportunity for development.
  • Among the best on financial performance in the Consulting & Engineering industry.

Core values

Our enduring beliefs

  • Engaged: Our engagement is driven by our client’s desire to improve life and society. We have the courage to develop new ideas and pursue new ways of achieving a sustainable future. We stay committed, overcoming problems and obstacles without compromising our integrity. Our working environments ensure that everyone’s untapped source of creativity adds value to our clients’ solutions.
  • Collaborative: For us, collaborative means being part of a collective effort to meet our clients’ needs. We pool our knowledge, skill and expertise – acting as one company and sharing the same goals. We work together to find win-win solutions with empathy and respect for all. Together we celebrate our success.
  • Reliable: We aspire always to perform and deliver – on time and on budget. We do more than just the job; we do it well and we are always there for our clients – now and into the future. Clients, partners and colleagues can all rely on us to deliver quality performance. We aim to be down to earth and practical in all our dealings

Sweco Pavement Consultants
Sweco Pavement Consultants is based on a proven concept. Combining many years of road building and maintenance experience with modern information technology makes it a lot easier for our clients to make the correct decisions when it comes to asset management and maintenance strategies for landside and airside pavements.

Knowledge about the road network/airport pavements is collected with the latest measuring equipment and collated in flexible databases. Thousands – even millions – of calculations are made and the result is both a strategic long-term overview of road network maintenance and precise maintenance recommendations specifying places and methods.

  • Our clients are in focus when decades of road maintenance experience is converted into practical consultancy.
  • Sweco Pavement Consultants provides high-tech falling weight deflectometers (PRIMAX FWD/HWD and PRIMA100 LWD).
  • Sweco Pavement Consultants provides advanced Road Asset Management Systems (RoSy RAMS) and Airport Pavement Management Systems (RoSy APMS).
  • Sweco Pavement Consultants works closely with the other road experts within the consulting engineering group Sweco.




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Lars Østerbye
Lars Østerbye
Department Director
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