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Sweco Pavement Consultants (PMC) provide consultancy services within strategic maintenance of road and airport pavements. The consultancy services provided by our experts are based on more than 50 years of experience and an ambition always to be one step ahead to the benefit of our customers.

For the work with pavement and asset maintenance we offer RoSy® Road Asset Management System (RoSy RAMS). The system is modular structured and give a survey of a road network with assets and is a great advantage for planning of activities and documentation of how funds are best spent. RoSy can e.g. forecast the annual maintenance budget over a period of up to 10 years.

PMC offers RoSy® Airport Management System (RoSy APMS), which is a system for strategic maintenance of airport pavements.

Our experts work with consultancy within pavements’ bearing capacity, design for new constructions, rehabilitation or repair of pavements. PMC produces and sells measuring equipment. We sell equipment worldwide and we use it in our consultancy work. The Falling Weight Deflectotmeters (FWD) are known under the names of PRIMAX and PRIMA100.

Sweco can assist in:

  • Consultancy about asphalt tendering, supervision, operation and maintenance of pavements and assets
  • Data collection on road networks, bridges and airports by means of RoSy® systems
  • Calculation of maintenance budgets and development of key figures
  • Bearing capacity measurements and design of pavements
  • PRIMAX FWD, HWD, PRIMA100 LWD – equipment for bearing capacity measuring
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Lars Østerbye
Lars Østerbye
Department Director
+45 8228 1484


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